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Visus Photonics, Ltd. develops and manufactures high performance lighting systems for a variety of illumination applications. All our products employ ground-breaking patented ExFRACTOR™ and HOW™ (Hybrid Optical Wave guides) optical architecture belonging to FID (Flat Illumination Device) class of optical systems. In contrast to existing ubiquitous illumination devices FIDs operate with a sharply reduced number of powerful compact LED sources and redistribute their flux with a surgical precision using hybrid multilayer waveguides and photonic couplers. A combination of optical technology along with novel waveguide materials and LED packaging and encapsulation culminated in a large family of ultra-slim and power efficient FIDs for virtually all of diversified multibillion markets for general and special illumination devices.
Unlike most of other companies Visus is not a “one – product” company and offers a complete range of technologies for virtually all LED markets including LED chip and lamp design. A control of a complete “photon supply chain” starting from an optimized photon generation and extraction at LED level and down to secondary light management optics enables to attain maximal performance not possible when considering only one system component, e.g. LED, lightguide panel or BEF.


To establish a leadership in LCD LED Solid State (SSL) and CCFL backlighting and general lighting enabling technology and products.
This goal has been partially achieved with a recent introduction of a number of pioneering products:

  • Backlight Series of products for Samsung 1.8 – 3.6” small format LCDs featuring ultra-thin (just 200 um and less) light guiding films (LGF)..
  • Ultra-thin Backlights for medium and large (LCD TV) powered by LEDs or CCFLs
  • Ultra-thin 0.2-0.4mm “Functional Flat Fiber” LGF for keypads enabling to backlight a complete unit by a single monochrome or RGB LED.
  • Directional LGPs eliminating a need for additional BEFs and Diffusers
  • World’s first family of LED powered products for Signage and “Neon” lighting  Sectors

Product News

Tel Aviv, March 2008. Visus new ultrathin Keyboard and LCD backlighting products have been fully qualified for mass production by one of the world’s leading handset makers after exhaustive AFM testing program with. Excellent key activation & Uniformity The test platform for our LGF backlights used a rugged edgelit device with a full alphanumeric keyboard as a test vehicle. The devices were subjected to sever qualification tests - AFM (Advanced Failure Mode) customized to the public safety environment. This included shock, drop, vibration, humidity, sand and high temperature (90 deg C) operation cycles, most of which go far beyond commercial standards. Along with commercial products Visus is also a leading supplier of LCD backlights and other lighting products for military & industrial and other special purpose systems. As a rule all our products & components undergo advanced MILSPEC testing.

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